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  • Bastille - Pompeii
  • Capital Cities Safe And Sound

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Anonymous asked
First name: you're just called mcgeek in my head whoops Nickname: um Age: 17????? Gender: girl! I think I got that one right! Sexual Orientation: ssstraaaaightttt???? Nationality: american/white? Relationship status: um??? Likes: RED SOX AND BRUINS Dislikes: when the sox suck Random fact: cool shirts

5 correct! :)

Anonymous asked
ok so i did my research (stalked your blog a lot) and i am soooo jealous of the t-shirts you own like the Napoli ever after one come on that's the best shit i've seen, like, ever.

Thats cool. Know anything about me yet?

and yeah, I love my Napoli shirt. Its one of my favorites in my Sox shirt collection. You can buy it here, X, if you want.

Anonymous asked
i know literally nothing about you but you should tell me about you

There has to be something that you know about me. Unless you just started following me 2 seconds ago.

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OMG PLEASE do this

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